lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

Andres Boiarsky: Nueva Generación (1984)

El saxofonista argentino Andres Boiarsky en un registro de 1984, acompañado por Carlos Franzetti, Alfredo Remus, y Junior Cesari.

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  1. Ahora si! afirmo: sin dudas este es el mejor blog de los que he visitado ultimamente.Impresionante loco!!! ahora boiarsky, alternativa con quistral! increible! a proposito de quistral; saben quien era el otro integrante ademas de gabriel ogando? un abrazo!!!!

  2. Gracias Peyote por subirlo! Yo me tomé el trabajo de recuperarlo de un cassette que tengo a mp3, pero creo que desde el disco estará mucho mejor y en tono para tocar "arriba" de Andrés.. (Gene Hackman on The Conversation-FF Coppola).

  3. Albino Red, gracias por agradecer.Abrazos

  4. Si... 'el maquinista', sabemos que 'Quistral'
    era un trio y que los otros integrantes ademàs
    de Gabriel Ogando eran Marcelo Braga y Guillermo Medin:

    By releasing the song ‘Tantas cosas’, the acoustic duo
    ‘Gabriel & Marcelo’ planned closing their contribution
    to the folk genre. Sympathetically with most of male
    duos of that period, songwriter Gabriel Ogando desired
    as well a new texture for his compositions, a departure
    from the simplicity of folk closed harmonic structures
    into the limitless of the classical orchestra melodic palette.
    Named after a bird supposedly from the Argentinean
    south, ‘Quistral’ meant to be ‘Gabriel & Marcelo’ next
    evolutionary musical stage.

    In 1974, Gabriel Ogando crystallized this new project, by
    meeting keyboardist Guillermo Medin ([Artist596623]-
    [Artist673929]) who at that time was playing with Tito
    Losavio ([Artist122186]) in ‘Burbujas’, a Tropical/Dance
    group under the leadership of percussionist guru Guido
    ’Chiche’ Abregu. ‘Quistral’ rehearsals started shortly after-
    wards in Guillermo Medin’s studio in Lomas de Zamora,
    South Buenos Aires.

    All songs were re-arranged, re-harmonized and orchestra-
    ted accordingly to Gabriel Ogando`s plan and in 1975 trio
    ‘Quistral’ presented this new shaped-up material in IFT
    Theatre, in the off ‘Once’ neighborhood. This unique un-
    plugged concert featured Gabriel Ogando/Marcelo Braga in
    acoustic guitars/vocals and Guillermo Medin in acoustic
    piano and represents the solely ‘Quistral’ formation ever
    known to the public.

    Due to some kind of disagreement between the two vocalist,
    (not into commenting about soap-opera subjects) the trio
    ‘Quistral’ splitted-up. Desillusionized Gabriel Ogando just
    recovered from it years afterwards and joined Marilina Ross,
    Marcelo Braga opted instead for a career in music teaching
    and Guillermo Medin ended up in the house of Alejandro De
    Michele of ‘Pastoral’ ([Artist47004]) in Liniers, West Buenos
    Aires, studying Gustavo Beytelmann’s orchestral score for
    ‘Humanos’ ([Album241228]). Alejandro De Michele fore-
    seeing director Beytelmann was leaving the country in 1976,
    he convoked keyboardist Guillermo Medin for implementing
    same textures for live shows scenarios.